Internet Collectively Sighs: SUPERMAN Is Going To Die? Again?

250px Superman75 Internet Collectively Sighs: SUPERMAN Is Going To Die? Again?

Superman #75.

If you thought that the Death and Return of Superman storyline already happened in the New 52, then you might want to start reevaluating that because Superman/Wonder Woman writer, Charles Soule is teasing the shit out of us.

Ever since Doomsday reappeared in Superman/Wonder Woman’s first issue, there’s been a lot of speculation as to why he’s even there. Seriously, why?

Superman Wonder Woman 1 spoilers art 1 doomsday Internet Collectively Sighs: SUPERMAN Is Going To Die? Again?

But naturally, Doomsday’s appearance is setting the stage for bigger (and “better”) things to come. This April, following the conclusion of the universe-changing Forever Evil, Superman is probably going to lose his seat on the Justice League to Lex Luthor (which is probably a good thing because Lex Luthor at least knows what he’s doing). But that’s not all, Soule says that:

It’s very, very big. It goes through the late spring and summer. It crosses through a number of books. And we’re going to look at the effect of Doomsday appearance on all the different characters.

The fun thing about the Superman group is that we have a lot of different elements of Superman, with Superman/Wonder Woman; it’s about, in part, his relationship with Wonder Woman. So we’ll see how Doomsday returning affects that. And all the other books have their own spin on it too… Superman’s due for a real, big, universe-shattering story, and this is certainly that.

 Internet Collectively Sighs: SUPERMAN Is Going To Die? Again?

It’s no surprise that this storyline will be a universe-wide event and will no doubt cross into the other books in the Superman group. In the original Death and Return of Superman story arc, the storyline crossed into all four Superman monthlies being published at the time, along withJustice League of America and Green Lantern.

The effects of Superman’s death were felt by nearly everyone in the DC Universe and at a time when mainstream news outlets didn’t bother with comics, they were shocked, to say the least.

So that’s how similar the new story is taking form, but how different will it be? In the original story line, Superman’s parents, Martha and Jonathon Kent along with his then-fiancé, Lois Lane played major roles in the story as his supporting cast. The original story also saw the introduction of four new replacement Supermen: Superboy, Steel, The Eradicator and Cyborg Superman.

Soule says that we’re going to see “other heroes “rise” to take Superman’s place after his death, including Supergirl, Power Girl, Superboy and Steel” this time around. This proposition could be interesting since Superboy, Supergirl and Superman haven’t interacted with each other very much since the end of the H’el on Earth crossover storyline. But on top of that, it seems like Wonder Woman is going to be taking center stage this time around, as well.

Also, for those of you unfamiliar with the storyline that changed death in comics forever, you can check out Max Landis’s hit short film, Death and Return of Superman, for an introduction to the story.

For all things Superman and him dying, be sure to keep it UnleashTheFanboy to stay up-to-date.




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