REAL LIFE SUPERHERO CIVIL WAR? Internet Says It’s About Time

 REAL LIFE SUPERHERO CIVIL WAR: Internet Says It’s About Time

Mark Willians and Brittany Scott.

This is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for – the day a real life superhero civil war happens. An exciting tale complete with angst, betrayal, romance and harsh accusations of corruption.

The Detroit News reports that a Michigan-based group of crime-fighters who dress up as superheroes, known as the Michigan Protectors, has begun in-fighting.

Petosky Batman leads one faction and Bee Sting leads another. Two former friends turned enemies; I know that sounds cliché but there is real heart at the center of this story:

Petosky Batman, a.k.a. Mark Williams calls Bee Sting an “abusive, neglectful, thieving, boastful, cowardly crook,” and that “he belongs in jail.”

However, Bee Sting a.k.a. Adam Besso says that Petosky Batman “has to tear others down to feel better about himself,” and that “He’s like Lord of the Flies with a slightly better version of dirt bags.”

Those are some pretty hurtful things to say but the good stuff doesn’t even stop there! Both leaders accuse each other of being non-monogamous or even unfaithful partners.

Before the start of these arguments between the two; Petosky Batman even said that they “were brothers” and that he “loved him as much as” he loves his own blood family.” And now, they threaten each other with death over these personal arguments.

Stop me if that sounds familiar.

hero worship marvels cinematic civil war 20111028050546549 000 REAL LIFE SUPERHERO CIVIL WAR: Internet Says It’s About Time

Captain America and Iron Man.

Both Besso and Williams both work to help the homeless by providing them with food and protesting against legislation that would outlaw homelessness. To the surprise of no one on the internet, both of them have had previous trouble with the police.

In fact, even less surprising, their friends and family think they have taken their super-heroics too far, most especially because of all the shenanigans since the start of their feud.

One of their group members even said that Besso is “out of control”.

What this kind of story shows us is that even superheroes are human. They make mistakes and have personal lives just like the rest of us. And it’s time we stop expecting our heroes to be perfect all the time.

But the one quote that sums up all of this up is one from one of Besso’s acquaintances who said that “I can look at any junior high- or high school-aged kid’s Facebook profile and read the same conversation.”

What do you think? Are real-life super-heroics plain insanity? Or is the call to wear costumes and champion for social justice just too great to ignore?



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