MARVEL Employs New Strategy for BLACK WIDOW

Originlly published on NerdsUnchained.

News stories about Marvel Studios’ top-level executives’ comments about the “development work” on a solo Black Widow film have been making the rounds on the comics journalism super-highway for a few months now.

Every time one of Marvel’s executives say something along the lines of “Blah blah, movie, blah blah, Black Widow, blah blah, some, blah, maybe, perhaps, blah development” the internet freaks out as if what they said was “We are working on a solo Black Widow film that will be released soon.”

But they never said anything like that and in fact, most of the time their language was chosen very carefully. They used known scapegoat words like “some” and “development work”, for example.

But now, Marvel seems to have changed its strategy to keep fans quiet and hopeful while also at the same time drumming up hype for their movies – now, rather than have corporate executive make statements that the internet can completely over exaggerate, they are getting Scarlet Johansson a.k.a. Black Widow to do it for them.

And oh my, is it working.

During an interview with IGN, Johansson said:

“It’s something we talk about all the time. Marvel is certainly listening, and working with them for several years now you see they respond to the audience demand for something like that.”

Let’s unpack this statement, shall we?

Johansson said, “It’s something we talk about all the time.” But what is Johansson referring to exactly? Is she specifically referring to a solo film project or just giving Black Widow a bigger role?

She also said, “There’s certainly a lot of material to mine, so I could see her fitting into a really great espionage story.” But that gives us no new information about this “project” because Marvel’s executives have also been saying the words “espionage” and “backstory”.

The fact of the matter is, this interview gives us no new information, no news about developments for this “project” nor does it give us any indication of whether this would actually be a Black Widow solo feature-film.

TL;DR: There is no Black Widow movie coming in at least for the new few years. Even if “some development work” has been made towards that and even if it is “something” they “talk about all the time” that doesn’t necessarily translate into a solo film project for Black Widow.

For now, Black Widow fans can catch her stealing the show in Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is out in theatres right now.



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