The Batman Arkham series developed by Rocksteady Games and Warner Bros. Montreal was every nerd’s dream for a superhero video game. Everything about the original release, Batman: Arkham Asylum screamed with quality, attention to detail and lots and lots of comic book and film references.

Now, EA Games has decided to take the same approach to its recently acquired Star Wars games franchise.

EA purchased exclusive licensing rights to the Star Wars games franchise from LucasArts last year, immediately announcing work on the first game, Star Wars: Battlefront being developed by DICE.

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson:

“What Warner Bros. did with Batman was take the core roots of that IP and manifest that inside the walls of Gotham City and delivered an interactive experience that had real ties to what you would see in the films and what you had read in the comics, while having its own life because it could provide such deep and more immersive storylines. When we look at the Star Wars properties that’s how we’re looking at it. We’re not trying to build a game that replicates the storyline of any particular film.”

We know that EA Canada is at work on a Star Wars open-world action game which will probably be one of the first Star Wars video games to incorporate an open-world structure. Previously, Star Wars action video games such as The Force Unleashed and its sequel had problems with repetitive gameplay, too much linearity and at times, a weak story.

Of course there’s also that nagging feeling of “Oh, this game’s going to be sh*t” most gamers have when it comes to video games based on films.

If EA genuinely plans to incorporate elements from the Batman Arkham franchise into Star Wars we may have a game that is deeply rooted in the Star Wars universe but also at the same time won’t be tied down by the film saga’s plot.

Back in 2012, LucasArts was busy working on and announcing Star Wars 1313 (before it was tragically cancelled) which was also envisioned to be a reinvigorating of the franchise by including elements from other successful video games such as Uncharted.



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