Wonder Woman Film Trailer Gives Us An Origin Story

In this trailer created by Mr88668866 we’re treated to a classic Wonder Woman origin story.

All the essential elements are present:
1. Steve Trevor crash-landing on Themyscira.
2. Diana acting as a diplomat and returning Steve Trevor to “Man’s World”.
3. Ares, the God of War acting as Wonder Woman’s primary threat.
4. Greek mythology and warrior Amazons.

So far, we know that Israeli actress, Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman in Man of Steel 2 in some capacity, although details on her role are unknown.

We also know that Gal Gadot has signed a three picture deal with Warner Bros. that includes her role in Man of Steel 2. The great thing about this trailer is that it introduces us to Wonder Woman’s character in a “pop” sense.

Although Wonder Woman’s origin story isn’t as well-known as that of Superman or Batman, thanks to the influence of the 1970’s Wonder Woman television show that some audiences still remember, people can recognize her Greek myth, Themyscira, diplomat, Steve Trevor-filled origin story.

That origin story isn’t the only one that filmmakers can draw upon but it’s certainly the one that makes the most sense and the one I’d like to see on-screen.

But whatever, I’d like to see anything Wonder Woman on-screen.


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