Kelly Sue DeConnick & Lois Lane

DC’s digital first anthology series Adventures of Superman has garnered tremendous amounts of attention from critics and fans alike. The fact is that this series is one of the few actually fun Superman titles out right now.

Almost every month a new creative team gets the chance to tell an original Superman story and this week, it’s Kelly Sue DeConnick’s turn to tell her’s.

2546655 kellysuedeconnick1 Kelly Sue Deconnick & Lois Lane

Kelly Sue DeConnick is most famously known for writing Marvel’sCaptain Marvel but this time around her heart belongs to Lois Lane


KSD used to wear a necklace that spelled “LOIS” and used to run a magazine called Lois Slain.

In this week’s Adventures of Superman #50, the story finds Lois Lane looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for Clark Kent (even though Valentine’s Day was, like, last month). Meanwhile, the other half of the story follows Clark Kent as he freaks out about what to get Lois in return.

1 5bcbda0d1f Kelly Sue Deconnick & Lois Lane

“She exists so fully in my head it wasn’t like I had to bump into a bunch of walls finding her voice. I know her. I’ve known her since I was a kid.”

But DeConnick  also said that her biggest influences when it comes to writing Lois & Clark were the Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder takes on the duo. Moreover she said that her Superman was partly inspired by her grandfather. In fact, she said that Superman is how she imagines her grandfather “when he was a young man.”

2 a78b05aebd Kelly Sue Deconnick & Lois Lane

DeConnick obviously has a deep understanding of the character of Lois Lane, viewing her as an “equal partner” in her relationship with Superman despite his, you know, superpowers. The notion that you can be just as big a hero as Superman without the powers is an essential aspect to Lois Lane’s history as a character.

What’s your favorite version of Lois Lane? Sound off in the comments.



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