Watch BILL O’REILLY Get Third Wheeled on JIMMY FALLON

Originally published on UnleashTheFanboy.

In this hilarious clip, you’ll find Anthony Mackie’s guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Also, you will find a disinterested Bill O’Reilly sitting next to Anthony Mackie and Jimmy Fallon while they geek out over Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It’s really nice to see an actor on a major blockbuster like The Winter Soldier let loose and geek out the way Mackie did. His passion and excitement just oozes out of his body and it’s a shame he didn’t really get to show off his funny side in the film.

Anthony Mackie also reveals that The Winter Soldier actually had secret and subtle subtext concerning a budding romance between his character, The Falcon and Black Widow – which would have been awesome if it was true.

But who are we kidding? The real reason we are all watching this clip is for Bill O’Reilly.kxz5 Watch BILL O’REILLY Get Third Wheeled by ANTHONY MACKIE & JIMMY FALLON



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