Bahrainis Shocked by Improper Parking*

Many Bahrainis expressed shock and frustration at cars parked improperly at Bahrain City Centre, Bahrain’s premier shopping mall, according to local reports.

Local reports also claim that the parking situation, which has previously been described by customers as “terrible”, has now become “very terrible”.

Bahrain City Centre Head Traffic Officer, Mr. Smooth, said:

“We get dozens of reports about City Centre customers parking the wrong way every day, especially on weekends when tourists from other GCC countries come to the mall to enjoy waterpark activities at Wahooo or a film at our 20 screen cineplex,”

mr smooth city center

Eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, claim that some individuals were so frustrated by the parking situation at the popular mall that they got out of their cars just to assault improperly parked vehicles.

Mohammed Mubarak, 36, and a father of two said he “comes to City Center almost every weekend to enjoy an evening with his family.” Adding that, “finding a car park in City Centre has become an experience similar to watching Hayat Khawat on television – it raises your blood pressure and turns you into a violent person.”

Another City Centre customer, Alia Saeed, who we spoke to while she was still looking for a place to park, said “I can’t believe that people would do something like this and I can’t believe it would happen here in City Centre” before speeding away the moment she spotted an empty parking space.

However, not all City Centre customers share Mubarak and Saeed’s sentiments. After waiting next to an improperly parked car for three hours, we spoke to its owner, Abdulla Fakhro, 27, who was confused when we asked why he had parked improperly.

“What do you mean I parked the wrong way? The lines? I thought the lines were just an artistic design choice.”



*All statements made in this article are fake.


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