Bahraini Wants To Build Phone With Popcorn Machine






Most teenagers use their phones to take photos of their food on Instagram or play Flappybird, but one young Bahraini wants to create change in the world with the help of a smartphone.

Salman Shahab, 19, a Computer Science major at the University of Bahrain, wants to revolutionize the way we use smartphones. He wants to build a smartphone with a popcorn machine built into the device, allowing users to make popcorn anytime and anywhere.

Speaking to the young entrepreneur directly, he explained that the idea for this invention came about because he spent a year with a “trashy and obsolete” phone before purchasing his new Samsung Galaxy S5.


What inspired you to come up with this idea?

“My new phone happens to be waterproof, but I always had this fear that the whole “waterproof” charade is just a marketing ploy. While having this thought in mind, I was craving popcorn. I tried combining my cravings and insecurities together and behold; a waterproof phone that can make popcorn!”

Why did you choose popcorn and not something else?

“Imagine making popcorn underwater. You can take pictures underwater, but making popcorn? This is why I major in computer science.”

Undertaking a project like this requires a tremendous amount of resources, how will you acquire them?

“I can try to get Batelco to sponsor this idea. They always sponsor ideas like this.”

Are there any challenges you might face on the way?

“The amount of science involved in this project is simply astonishing. The problem is not how to engineer a popcorn machine in a mobile device, but how to make popcorn under water without the popcorn getting soggy. It should also have a flashlight.”

What are the advantages of this device as opposed to the smartphones we currently have?

“Let’s say you’re on a plane to the West Indies, which unfortunately crashes into the ocean. Now it’s dark, you’re in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and you really happen to crave popcorn. This device lets you do just that. You see this is where the Titanic failed!”

Good luck, Mr. Shahab! We hope that one day everyone will be able to enjoy a relatively healthy snack while taking a dip in the pool or lost at sea in the Atlantic.



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