Popcorn Phone Update: Expert Says There’s Already An App For That


After the news of Bahraini entrepreneur, Salman Shahab’s, plan to build a smartphone with a built-in popcorn machine that can be operated underwater, a popcorn expert says that there is already an app for this purpose.

Ali Al Thura, Professor of Popcornology at the University of Bahrain, said “There is already an app with the same features and more called Pop for Corn. It creates a popcorn machine using your headphones, and will allow users to choose flavors such as cheese, pizza, sweet, and strawberry,”

“It is nice that a young Bahraini wants to develop ideas that will help society but unfortunately, he has been beaten to the idea by a developer from Dubai, UAE.”

Reaching out to Salman Shahab for comment, he said that “This app is irrelevant because my device will allow you to make popcorn underwater.”



2 thoughts on “Popcorn Phone Update: Expert Says There’s Already An App For That

  1. It’s exciting that Salman is thinking of ideas outside the box, however how is underwater popcorn going to cater to the needs of the consumer? and in fact who is the consumer target market?

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    • Of course it will. Think of it, you’re enjoying a day in Lost Paradise or Wahoo and youre really hungry. But also, you dont want to get out of the water – this is what this device is for.


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