Bahraini Arrives On Time To Office Meeting

A Bahraini man, Khalid Ajoor, arrived at the agreed meeting time (10AM) to an office meeting this morning, shocking many companies and businesses, according to local reports.

Khalid Ajoor, the punctual Bahraini, works at PR Pasta, a public relations company in Manama, said “I woke up at 9AM like any regular morning, thinking that the office meeting was at 9:30, so I left the house at 9:30,”

“I arrived at the office at 10AM but I noticed everyone giving me strange looks, that’s when I realized my mistake: the meeting was at 10!”

Ajoor’s manager, Abrar Amralla said, “I was horrified when Khalid showed up to the meeting on time. None of us were even ready!”

“I was just sitting on my laptop using up the office internet to watch Broad City, but Khalid’s actions were very irresponsible.”

A a spokesperson for PR Pasta said, “We want to apologize on behalf of everyone in the company and want to assure people, including our business partners, that Khalid Ajoor’s actions today will not set a precedent for employees to start showing up on time.

Starting tomorrow morning it will be business as usual.”


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