Bahraini Wants To Build Popcorn A/C

by Salman Shahab.

A local Bahraini entrepreneur wants to bring change to homes in Bahrain, revolutionizing a home appliance that saves thousands of lives every year.

Salman Shahab, 19, wants to build an Air Conditioning unit (A/C) that allows users to make popcorn.

“A/C’s in Bahrain are one of the most important household devices, almost as important as Wi-Fi, but the problem with the current market is that A/C’s do not offer consumers many features – they just do their job,”

“What I am offering are A/C’s with a function – an A/C that can make popcorn while providing a cool atmosphere.”

Salman Shahab came up with another popcorn-related idea last week, but when we asked him for comment he said, “I don’t want to talk about that. I have moved on. That idea was stupid. It’s all about the popcorn A/C now!”

Market studies also show that the demand for multi-function A/C’s has grown by 38% over the past 10 years – especially for A/C’s that can make food.

Aysha Mubarak, a mother of two said, “My children are always complaining that they are hungry and hot at the same time,” also adding that “I don’t have time for their nonsense and this device will definitely help keep them quiet.” 

Aysha’s husband, on the other hand, said he would only purchase the device “if it comes in a variety of different colors, because having white A/C’s all over the house is becoming boring.”

by Salman Shahab

by Salman Shahab.

by Salman Shahab.


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