Poll Finds Only 76% of Bahrainis Visit City Centre Every Day

A poll conducted by the administration of Bahrain City Centre released today, finds that only 76% of the Bahraini population – which is almost 1.5 million people – visits Bahrain City Centre in Manama every day.

Bahrain City Centre Head of Research and Market Studies, Amala Batra, said “We were surprised to find that the statistic was so low. 76% equals approximately only 1,100,000 of the total population in Bahrain. Where are the other 24%?”

“Even though this statistic is lower than we expected, Bahrain City Centre will work hard in the coming months to bring this number to 100%” Ahmed Zayed, Deputy Head of Research and Market Studies said in a statement.

The poll results also showed that out of this 76%, only 48% purchase items from the popular mall and only 29% spend more than 1,000 B.D. in a month on purchases.

“Clearly, we are doing something wrong if only 29% of customers spend more than 1,000 dinars a month at City Centre. In light of this situation, we are currently researching the possibility of increasing cinema ticket prices to 3.5 dinars,”

However, the surprise actually came when Mr. Ahmed Zayed said that they will be holding a press release later this month to announce a new City Centre shuttle service.

“I don’t want to spoil the details until the press conference, but the new service is fantastic! As part of this initiative we will have an on-demand shuttle service available for customers to pick them up from their homes, schools and from work to take them straight to the mall. Customers can request a shuttle bus online or by phone.”


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