UoB Students Rejoice Over New Buses


by Salman Shahab

Students from the University of Bahrain were surprised to arrive on campus to find new buses today. Many were ecstatically overjoyed at the new yellow and blue models which began sporadically appearing over the past week until all the old buses were replaced today.

Thousands of students use the bus service every day to get to and from their homes. Every day at 4PM, buses line up in one of the university’s car parks waiting for students to get onboard and head home.

Speaking to some students to get their thoughts on the new buses, we visited the University of Bahrain campus at 4PM.

by Salman Shahab

Ali Watani, an Architectural Engineering student, said “I started noticing the new yellow and blue buses a few days ago. They looked strange at first because there was only a few of them,” looking over his shoulder at one of the buses and motions his arms and added “now they are everywhere”.

Another student, Fatima Mohammed, Information Technology major, claims that she uses the bus every day and said “I am very happy with these new buses, they are clean and some seats still have the plastic on them.”

Salman Shahab, on the other hand, said “Despite the fact that this is probably the best thing to happen to us in a long time, I still think they should at least add Wi-Fi or at least a popcorn machine to the buses.”

by Salman Shahab


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