Bahraini Animal Rights Activist Discovers Dragon

A local Bahraini animal rights activist, Fatema Meamari, 18, allegedly discovered the existence of a dragon creature in Bahrain, according to local reports.

The dragon is described by local reports to be 2.7 meters tall, green and scaly. The creature was also allegedly found in the district of Hajjiyat in the city of Riffa, south of the capital of Manama.

“They [the dragon] was looking through my house’s trash, the cutie. When I tried to approach the dragon, it just went crazy, started breathing fire and roaring,” said Fatema Meamari in a statement.

“I almost dropped my brand new iPhone 5S.”

Fatema Meamari did what any responsible citizen would do; take the dragon inside her home and attempt to raise them until they can survive in the wild streets of Bahrain on their own.

“It wasn’t easy at first. I didn’t even know what dragons ate! I tried Google-ing that but no one on Yahoo Answers was being helpful, they thought I was stupid. That’s when I decided to bring it here to the BSPCA. They know what to do with dragons,”

Meamari was interrupted by a loud bark behind her. “Oh no, the dragon found us!” she exclaimed before running to hide underneath a table.

“Shhh,” she said. “Be quiet or it will hear us!” Coming out of the dark stood the dragon.

“Oh, damnit! He pooped on the carpet, again!”


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