UoB Registration Goes Smoothly

Course registration for many students at the University of Bahrain went smoothly, according to local reports, with no problems encountered.

Students registering online allegedly managed to register for all of their required courses and for their chosen sections within less than 10 minutes.

Students praised the system and the Deanship of Admission and Registration for making the registration process easy and smooth.

Marwa Khalil, English Literature student, said “I had an issue with changing sections for two courses. I went to the Registration office and the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly – they helped me fix my problem on the spot in less than 2 minutes!”

“I enjoyed my experience so much that I think I will make a mistake again just to have an excuse to visit.”

Another student, Hayat A. Saheb, said “When the system incorrectly didn’t allow me to register for “Themes in American Literature” because of a pre-requisite, I went to the Registration office to help me,”

“I couldn’t have asked for better service. It was so simple! I thought it was going to be a hassle like I had to get a hundred people to sign a form, but no, they did everything for me while I was sitting in the office!”

Students claimed that they are confident that they would have no problems with registering for the necessary courses to graduate in the future.


2 thoughts on “UoB Registration Goes Smoothly

  1. are you fucking kidding me! online registration is shit as usual , server down server up , schedule down ten up …. this whole blog is crap, and you might want to investigate before reporting because that is what proper writers/journalist did before posting something


    • Hello,

      Thanks for raising your concerns!

      Sorry you didnt like the blog. But that is probably because you didnt realize that almost everything on the blog is satirical or fake.

      Hopefully one day I will become a proper writer and journalist and write things that are factual.


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