Bahrain Celebrates World Press Freedom Day 2014

In celebration of the United Nations’ World Press Freedom Day, the Kingdom of Bahrain holds the International Press Freedom Day Convention which boasts the attendance of prominent organizations and voices from the media sector, the best media innovators and pioneers in the country.

Invites were sent out only to the best of Bahrain’s media: Gulf Daily News, Bahrain News Agency, Information Affairs Authority, Bahrain TV, Bahrain Journalists Association, Al Ayam, Akhbar al Khaleej.

Keynote speaker, Mohammed Atwi, a member of the Bahrain Journalists Association, said “This convention has been formed for the best of Bahrain’s media – they are known for respecting ethics of responsible journalism, objectivity, transparency, fight for the truth and respect national security,”

“The press have a positive role in enlightening society and their responsibilities help achieve the public’s aspirations and defending their issues courageously and objectively,”

Furthermore, these organizations will receive prestigious awards presented by prominent government officials for their “unwavering duty to the Kingdom and to the public”.

According to local reports, strangely missing from the convention were other prominent news organizations Al Wasat News and Bahrain Mirror.

When questioned about their absence, keynote speaker, Mohammed Atwi, simply said “I don’t know, maybe their invitations got lost in the mail.”


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