Jasmi’s University Students Cry For Jasmi’s



Students at Kingdom University are expressing frustration and anger over the lack of adequate and affordable food choices at the university, according to local reports.

Kingdom University recently moved to a new building in Riffa last September. Previously, the university was conveniently located above a Jasmi’s fast food restaurant in Manama.

For the first few months of the building’s opening students were forced to order delivery services from local restaurants or going out to nearby restaurants for a meal during their lunch breaks.

Faisal Khalid, a Law student, said “Every option we had would waste our time. Everyone kept showing up to the lectures 15 minutes late with Starbucks.”

More recently, a CineCafe opened at the university but this did not satisfy most students claiming that food was overpriced and was inadequate.

This food crisis resulted in many students calling for the return of popular fast food restaurant, Jasmi’s, to the university.

“The food situation was so much better when we had Jasmi’s. This is why we are asking the university to open a Jasmi’s branch here,” said Faisal Khalid in a statement.

Another student, Jaber Ali, 20, said “I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t open a Jasmi’s here. There is nothing more patriotic and Bahraini than Jasmi’s.”




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