El-Sisi Hailed As Hero After He Vows To Protect Islam

During a meeting with members of Egypt’s Sufi community today, presidential candidate Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has vowed to protect all Egyptians and Islam if he is to be elected to the office of President of Egypt.

El-Sisi launched his presidential campaign on Twitter with the hashtag “Long Live Egypt” only two days.

Political analysts say that it is “a brave political move” by Sisi to vow to protect Islam given the Islamist views of deposed former president, Mohamed Morsi, and that his Islamist views partly led to his deposition.

Fatima Hubail, 29, a Cairo resident, said “It is only natural for El-Sisi to vow to protect the nation’s religion. A strong faith in Islam is important quality for any president of Egypt. Long live Sisi!”

Another Cairo resident, Ali Ghoneim, 37, said “Sisi is a good person. He will make a good president. He is not like Morsi. What we really need is a president who will protect religion.”

Upon noticing the interviews being conducted, Egyptian Woman, more famously known as “Shut up your mouse, Obameh!” Woman, interjected and said “Mohamed Mursi is a big liars. Sisi yes, Sisi yes. Morsi no, Morsi no. Islam is important to Egyptian women! Egypt need strong Islam in Egypt.”


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