Syria says: “Prosperous Tourist Season” In Homs

Syria’s tourism minister says that he expects a “prosperous tourism season” for the central province of Homs, despite the three year civil war still raging in the province.

Speaking to the state news agency, SANA, Bisher Yazigi, said that the tourism season will feature “various activities … during the summer.”

Tourists visiting Homs can enjoy visiting historic religious sites such as the Khalid Bin Walid mosque!

Shells of houses: The Khaled bin Walid Mosque is scarred and pockmarked from shrapnel spat into the city by the daily explosions that hit the city. Beyond the mosque, the shells of buildings and homes give the city the look of a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Tragic: The once glorious Khalid Ibn al-Walid Mosque in the heavily disputed northern neighborhood of Khaldiyeh, Homs, lies in ruins after being hit by shells during the long bombardment of the city

But that’s not all, during lunch time, they can enjoy a meal at Homs’ famous Abu Hol street:

Syrian citizens walk in a destroyed street that was attacked at Abu al-Hol street in Homs province, Syria

But perhaps Homs’ most important historical site is The Crac des Chevaliers a medieval castle hundreds of years old.

Rubble: Heavy artillery damaged the castle's walls, an airstrike punctured its roof and shrapnel tore through its religious artifacts during the offensive

Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad also praised the tourism minister’s initiative and said in remarks to SANA, “This is the exact kind of initiative that Syria has been waiting for. There is so much to appreciate in Homs. It is why I spent three years blowing the city up – to make room for all the tourists that are bound to show up in the hundreds of thousands to partake in the beauty!”


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