English Department Survives Technical Difficulties

The American Studies Center at the English Language and Literature Department at the University of Bahrain achieved a prosperous era of technical bliss; a Technical Utopia, surviving an entire semester without technical difficulties.

The American Studies Center has a history with technical problems and most issues are due to outdated equipment that is not properly maintained; inoperable printers; and the fact that almost no one at the department knows how to set up a projector.

Fixing these technical problems is the sole job of one student, Ghazi Al Shehabi, 22, who has been serving as Technical Support for the past four years.

“Whoever said I know how to fix things is a liar. I just press enough buttons and move enough wires around until something happens. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” said Ghazi with zeal.

“I’m an English major for crying out loud,” he added.

However, this is the first time in four years that Ghazi Al Shehabi has not had to fix anything for an entire semester.

“To be honest, I kind of miss it. I miss the attention and the responsibilities. It felt good to always have to help people who have no idea what they’re doing, just like me.”

But Ghazi Al Shehabi is expected to graduate at the end of this semester and the role of Technical Support has yet to be filled. “This job is so simple that even Business students can do it,” he added.

But when asked why there were no problems this semester, Ghazi said, “Oh, simple. We just didn’t have any events and no one bothered to use the equipment.” 


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