Student Forgets Phone at University Before Holidays

A student at the University of Bahrain forgot his phone at the university on the last day of classes, before a long holiday break, according to local reports.

The student, Ghazi Al Shehabi, claimed that he forgot his brand new HTC One M8 in the class, “Applied Morphology” because he was “in such a hurry to get the f*ck out of there”.

According to Ghazi, this couldn’t have happened at a worse possible time and the worst start to a holiday.

“I am disappointed in myself, really. I had the choice to go back and get it but it wasn’t worth going back there and just… being there… after leaving with the thought that I’m going on vacation,” said Ghazi.

“I don’t want the first thing I do while on holiday is to go back to university.”

Ghazi also claims that he planned to take a trip to Dubai, UAE during the one-week break.

“It’s a good thing I have my old Nokia 3310. I’m going to miss having internet on my phone, but I still think I made the right choice.”


3 thoughts on “Student Forgets Phone at University Before Holidays

  1. Please don’t say that it’s really Ghazi that thought it was Monday when we were in Wednesday?! Hhhhhh I forgot my BB phone on Thursday as well, but I actually got off the bus, went to s17 and to business to report it missing and found it in food court and had to go all the way there to get it, only to lose it for good the next day in city centre hhhhhhhhhh true story


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