Bahraini Messes Up Coffee Serving at Party

A Bahraini messed up the coffee serving at a dinner party while embarrassing himself in front of many guests and his father, according to local reports.

The coffee server, who chose to remain anonymous, accepted their father’s request to serve gahwa and chai at the dinner “with uncertainty”.

“When my father asked me if I could serve gahwa, I wasn’t sure what to say. I panicked, I said yes.”

The coffee server claims to not actually know how to serve coffee at a party but that he said yes because “there was no other option”. One of the expected guests at the party was the Ambassador of Sudan to Bahrain.

“My hands were trembling, everyone was staring at me,” the coffee server said. “But then it happened before I could do anything about it; I served someone chai when they asked for gahwa.”

“I knew this would happen,” he berrated himself. “I’m such an embarrassment.”


2 thoughts on “Bahraini Messes Up Coffee Serving at Party

  1. Ahm shay, serving chai instead of gahwa hhhhhh, I was expecting something like spilling drinks evrrywhere or burn, but that sure is embarrassing, are all the things you write about made up or like twisting the truth, you haven’t explained your style clearly to me, I’ll read more of your blogs and try figure that out. Nicely told indeed!


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