BREAKING: Students Injured During UOB Registration Process

A total of 5 students were injured last night while trying to register courses online for the upcoming 2014-2015 Semester 1 at the University of Bahrain, according to local reports.

At sharply 12:00AM, the students attempted to login to the University’s online registration portal but failed even after multiple repeated attempts.

Later, at approximately 12:20AM, local reports claim that the students, in fits of rage, smashed their computer keyboards, causing minor and major injuries to themselves.

The students were rushed to the hospital within a few hours, with two sustaining slight fractures in their sanity and an extreme increase in blood pressure.

“We have seen these kinds of cases before. They bring them to us psychologically broken with extremely high blood pressure,” said the accompanying physician, who chose to remain anonymous.

The three other students only sustained only minor injuries during their uncontrolled burst of anger and frustration.

“Every year on a regular basis we see an influx of patients with these same conditions. There is no proper term for it in medical circles, but me and the other doctors like to call it ‘Post-Traumatic Registration Syndrome’ or PTRS for short.”

More updates as this story devel—


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Students Injured During UOB Registration Process

  1. I actually managed to register at 11:54pm, they’re not really that accurate with time. I bet you can write about this in a hilarious way, I never saw this type of writing before, being all serious and mentioning numbers and such while the whole thing is actually too funny to be taken seriously… I need to study literature mooooore


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