Hardee’s Customer Angry Over Incorrect Order

Hardee’s, the popular fast food restaurant chain, is usually known for the quality of its food and the quality of its service, but for one customer it was the opposite.

Abdulla Fadhel, 19, received the incorrect order but allegedly only realized the mistake after he arrived to his home.

Speaking to local reporters, Fadhel said that “he is a loyal Hardee’s customer. I order the same thing every night: Chicken Tenders with honey mustard sauce,”

“But today, I don’t know what went wrong. Everything seemed fine. The staff greeted me when I entered, they took my order quickly, and I received my food. But it was only when I got home that I realized they gave me the wrong sauce. Honey mustard is the only reason I get chicken tenders.”

A recent study shows that at least 1 customer at Hardee’s in Bahrain received an incorrect order. That means that there could potentially be a lot of people getting incorrect orders.

A local MP, who chose to remain anonymous, said “We will be investigating claims about this situation. We have received many complaints about this, it is an important issue.”

Abdulla Fadhel, however, said the most profound statement: “Who even likes French dressing?”


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