Student Drops Out Of University, Runs For Bahrain Parliament

Ayah Salem, a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Bahrain dropped out of the university and decided to take up politics and become a Member of Parliament, according to local reports.

“I needed a career change; and it had to be something easier than chemical engineering,” said Ayah Salem, speaking to local reporters. “Going into local politics was an obvious choice, really. What do you do when you want a job with minimal effort, high pay and lots of benefits? Become a Member of Parliament.”

Ayah Salem, however, is not a Bahraini national, nor does she meet the required age of 35, which led to some scrutiny over her announcement.

“I believe that only people who care about political and national affairs should be in the municipal councils and Council of Representatives,” said Fatima Abdul Saheb, 23, a student from University of Bahrain. Adding that, “Ayah Salem isn’t exactly the ideal candidate. She hasn’t even promised to give out A/C’s or bribed people with money.”

Ayah Salem disagrees; saying that studying chemical engineering at the University of Bahrain is not something she is capable of doing.

“Maybe I’m rushing into this, but at least in Parliament my GPA wouldn’t go down if I skip.”


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