Yemen Experiences Surprise Power Outages & Blackouts

YEMEN: Residents all across Yemen experienced surprise power outages, reportedly affecting thousands of households across the country.

These outages came as a shock to residents, claiming that “nothing like this has ever happened before” and that they are used to having water and electricity 24 hours a day.

One Yemeni resident from Aden, Mohammad Gawad, said “This has never happened to my family before, but it is a good thing that this happened at a time when the weather is not hot.”

But this problem has also started to affect students’ abilities to study. Another student at Aden University said, “It is a little hard to read and study for exams at night but at least I am learning important new skills such as how to light a candle.”

Reports of power outages came from all over Yemen but not everyone is upset. Ahmed Saeed, a student at Aden University said, “It is okay because this gives me the chance to spend more time focusing on improving myself and living like our ancestors without unnecessary things like the ability to cook, take a shower or be able to see at night,”

“Whoever caused this power outage is doing everyone in Yemen a favor and in no way is anyone doing this deliberately as a political tool to suppress people. That just sounds ridiculous!”

Salim Alradfani said, “I would hate to have to live like this constantly. Just imagine if we would have blackouts like this everyday for 6-9 hours during the summer!”

Meanwhile, prominent businessperson, Muhannad Faisal, recently opened a shop selling power generators and produced dozens of television commercials advertising his business across the country.

Unfortunately, no one was able to see these commercials due to the power outage.


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