MARVEL Taking Away Letters Page For More Ads

Marvel Making More Money From Ads So They're Taking Away Your Letters Page

Marvel has been receiving more advertisement requests to appear in their comic books, so they will be replacing the letters page in their print comics with ads.

“We just have a surfeit of ads for a month or two that forced us to relocate some of our text pages online,” said a Marvel executive speaking to Bleeding Cool.

The letters page – a holdover from a pre-internet time – is where fans and readers write in to the creator or editor to get answers about characters and plotlines.

Marvel claims this change will only be temporary however and for now, readers can find the letters pages online and can expect the letters page to return to print in a few months.


The prospects of this could be positive for readers and fans because the increased revenues could, in theory, pass along to the customers through more content.

The question is however; if Marvel is receiving increased revenue from advertisements, why are they making cost-cutting measures to simply increase their profits?

The letters pages aren’t exactly something you might expect readers to care about, but it does beg the question whether Marvel is genuine in their claims that the letters pages will return to return in a few months if they see that it is more profitable for them to use that space for ads.


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