Ghost In Cloister Complains Of Tuition Hike

A ghost in Cloister Hall at Juniata College, has complained of increases in tuition prices at the small liberal arts college, according to local reports.

“What do you mean they’re raising tuition fees again? Didn’t they do that last semester?” nagged Captain Howard J. Redbottoms, the ghost who has been inhabiting Cloister Hall for the past 35 years.

“In my day, you could get through college with good high school grades, a part-time job and some pocket money.”

Tuition fees at Juniata College and other higher education institutions across the United States and North America has seen exponential increases in prices, leaving many individuals like Captain Howard J. Redbottoms, few options for seeking a college education.

This has lead to a rise in student loan debt with many individuals forced to default on their loans which makes it very difficult for individuals to purchase a home, rent an apartment or start a business because a loan default would ruin their credit rating.

One recent study showed that 87% of ghosts in the United States are forced to default on their loans. And of this 87%, only 39% were able to land a job that paid them more than minimum-wage within 6 months of graduation.

Captain Howard J. Redbottoms concurred with the findings of the study.

“How am I supposed to pay all these loans back when Sodexo only pays me $7.25 an hour?”


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