Students Hold Academic Writing Seminar, Goes Off Without Problems

A group of students from the University of Bahrain allegedly organized an Academic Writing seminar that got approved and went smoothly, encountering no problems whatsoever.

“The event was a raging success. The turn out was much higher than expected, too,” said Fatima Hafeedh, one of the organizers of the event, speakers to local reporters.

“The participants were highly engaged and involved in the activities.”

Events at the University of Bahrain are known for being very easy to organize, with administration giving lots of support to students and encouraging them to be active participants in the community.

One of the participants, Aysha Khalil, said that she was glad that events like these happen often in her department.

“It’s a good thing that events are so easy to get done with no red tape or bureaucratic insanity whatsoever,” Asyha added.

“This event got pulled off so easily, I decided that next month I will organize a Gender & Sexuality seminar. I can’t wait!”


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