Disappointed Bahraini School Shooter: “I still don’t have my own Wikipedia page”


Authored by Muhannad Alabbassi.

A Bahraini school shooter is now arrested and detained after committing a violent gun shooting spree. Conflicting reports allege that the shooter’s name is either Mohammad Bader or Bader Mohammad.

“All I ever wanted was to be understood, just like all the other school shooters,” said Mohammad/Bader, speaking to local reporters. “But no, not even one proper article in the GDN (Gulf Daily News), and no one says my name right.”

Mohammad/Bader published a number of videos a week before the incident took place, all of which have 0 views. He also published a 500-page manifesto while detained, awaiting trial.

“I Google my name all the time and I still don’t see anyone discussing my manifesto, why is society so unfair?”

“I don’t even have my own Wikipedia page,” he nagged.

However, this has also sparked concern over the responsibility police forces have in this tragedy. Local reports allege that the family of the shooter contacted the police to warn them about their son, but when the police interviewed Mohammad/Bader, they claimed that they found him to be “polite and courteous” and found no threat of future wrongdoing or a history of guns.

“I’ll show you,” he warned. “You will finally see that I am, in truth, the superior one, the true alpha male.”


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