Bahrain To Ban Expats From Working Unless Their Work Requires It

Manama: In an extraordinary session of Bahrain’s National Assembly, the Shura Council approved the passing of a law that would ban expats from working unless their jobs required it.

“This new law is the first step in making sure that traffic congestion is reduced,” said a spokesperson for the Shura Council, speaking to local reporters.

“If people are banned from going to work, this will mean that traffic congestion, especially during rush hour times, will be significantly reduced.”

The article was extremely controversial, but council members approved it despite reservations because they did not want the entire 64-article law to be hung up. Proponents of the bill say it will introduce a long list of benefits to Bahrain, ranging from more taxis on the road, Bahrainis getting their driver’s license faster, and “screw expats”.

“Everyone knows that Bahrain’s transport infrastructure means that you need a car to get around, but we thought if people didn’t need to work, they wouldn’t need cars, and if people didn’t need cars, they wouldn’t need to work,” said the spokesperson to a room full of confused reporters.

“It will all make perfect sense someday.”

Bahrain National Assembly To-Do List


3 thoughts on “Bahrain To Ban Expats From Working Unless Their Work Requires It

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