Bahrain To Open Black Market For Alcohol


Manama: Following the announcement by Bahrain’s National Assembly that lawmakers are proposing a bill to outlaw the sale of alcohol in the country, MP’s also announced the opening a black market for the unlawful sale of alcohol.

“Bahrain is an Islamic country. Our society does not accept alcohol because it causes a lot of sleaze and vice,” said a spokesperson for the National Assembly, speaking to local reporters.

“So we are proposing to ban the sale of alcohol in Bahrain, but people can still purchase alcohol at one of the many underground establishments that will be run by MP’s.”

The new bill comes as the current National Assembly is nearing the end of its four-year term, ahead of upcoming elections this October. A similar bill was proposed in the previous parliamentary term during the end of 2010.

“We operate 7 days a week, between the hours of 2PM and 9PM, but not after that. We don’t want any drunks walking around late at night.”


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