X-Pats: Days of Future Driving Bans

Can fate be changed or is it destined to happen?

In a future of misery and destruction, people are singled out for being different.

X-Pats, those who possess the expat gene, once drove cars peacefully among Bahrainis. But that was before… before the driving ban.

Bob Verine, an X-Pat from this bleak future, was sent back into the past to the year 2014 to stop this future from happening. To stop the driving ban from ever happening.

“I’ve come a long way for this,” said Bob Verine. “There won’t be a future left for me to go back to if I fail.”

Bob Verine explained that him and his friends from the future don’t know what event triggered the expat driving ban, however, he knew he had to stop it from happening with any means necessary. “I was sent here to prevent the ban from ever happening,” added Bob Verine.

“Maybe an MP got into a car accident with an expat one day and decided to deal with his frustration by introducing draconian laws that would devastate Bahrain’s society and economy. Or maybe someone just wanted to see if it would work, for fun. Who knows?”

Bob Verine enlisted the help of the past selves of his future X-Pat mentor and friend, Professor XP and B. East. Their plan: infiltrate the National Assembly’s voting session and distract the MPs with tea, coffee and sweets, giving them enough time to sneakily change the law before anyone notices.

“Everything started with that voting session, the ban, the boredom, the mundane existence, everyone was stuck at home after that,” said Bob Verine, recalling terrible memories of having nothing to do but watch re-runs of Hayat Khawat for years.

Arriving just in time for the vote to take place, Bob Verine, Professor XP and B. East set their plan into motion. Professor XP and B. East posed as food and drink servers, would distracted the MPs long enough that they didn’t even bother to return to the session after their lunch break was over.

This gave Bob Verine enough time to remove the article from the bill papers that said “screw expats, don’t let them drive”. His mission was now complete.

When Bob Verine returned to his time period, everything was back to normal in Bahrain. The ban was stopped and X-Pats were free to drive among other citizens of Bahrain once again. Everything went back to normal…


Everything was back to normal, indeed.


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