Bahrain TV: Pillar of Ethical and Independent Journalism

Bahrain TV, the state-owned broadcast station run by the Information Affairs Authority produced a fact-checked, authentic, accurate and unbiased report of this week’s current events.

“This week’s exemplary reporting is a testament to Bahrain TV’s dedication to ethical journalism and reporting the truth,” said Information Affairs Authority spokesperson, Sameera Hussam.

“Bahrain TV reported on every major event in Bahrain, from King Hamad’s words of congratulations to the new president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa’s meeting with some other sheikh.”

Bahrain TV has had a long history as a pillar of ethical, independent and unbiased journalism in a region that consistently fails to respect freedom of the press.

Among Bahrain TV’s list of achievements are the documentaries they played all throughout February and March 2011 which aimed at showing tragedies faced on all sides and in no way tried to skew public perception of a violent conflict police forces helped in starting.

“Bahrain TV gives you all sides of the story; the government’s, King Hamad’s and Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa’s.”


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