Sheikh Walks Around In Heat, With No AC


A Bahraini sheikh, Salman Khalifa, who wished to remain anonymous, toured Manama visiting disadvantaged citizens, listening to their complaints and comments about the country, and giving attention to their needs, with no airconditioning.

Local news media hailed this historic tour of the capital city’s streets as proof of this sheikh’s open and benevolent approach.

“This isn’t the first time Sheikh Salman Khalifa has gone on a tour of the streets like this,” said Ibrahim Jaber. “He always makes a point to visit regular and disadvantaged citizens like the Kanoo family and giving attention to their needs as citizens of Bahrain.”

Another citizen, however, expressed some concerns about the tour. “I was really concerned about his health,” said Fatima Hussam. “I mean, he was walking around on foot in the heat of the Bahraini summer, with no air conditioning whatsoever!”

“And the rest of us are just sitting around in our homes sheltered in the comfortable safety of our AC’s. If only everyone was more like Sheikh Salman Khalifa.”

No pictures of the tour were made available due to security reasons.


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