Fashionable & Stylish Bahraini Officials Propose Colour-Coded Store Signs

Fashionable and stylish Bahraini officials from the Central Municipal Council are proposing a plan to introduce colour-coded store front signs of predetermined sizes across Bahrain in a bid to make Bahrain’s commercial districts more stylish and less “so last season”.

A spokesperson for the Central Municipal Council said that business owners take it upon themselves to set up signs based on their own tastes “or what they believe suit their business.”

“Instead, we will be taking away that difficult choice from them and make it easier by giving them 5 or so options to choose from,” the spokesperson said. “Businesses no longer need to bother themselves by choosing their own logo, or colors, or sign size.”

Additionally, small businesses will no longer try to compete with larger businesses by utilizing large storefront signs, instead, small businesses will use small signs and large businesses will use large signs.

“It’s all about making it easier for the average business-person to make business decisions, because we’ve done most of it for them.”


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