Bahrain TV: Bahraini Sheikhs Talk to Each Other to Same Music Loop Used for Past 30 years

Authored by Muhannad Alabbassi.

A scene of Sheikhs talking to each other while the same music loop used for the past 30 years played in the Royal Court in Riffa aired on Bahrain TV this evening.

“Their conversation this time was actually very insightful,” said Abdulla Hasan, lip reading interpreter and correspondent, while carefully reading the lip movement of the sheikhs as the same music loop Bahrain TV has been using for the past 30 years played while they they sat 3 feet apart from each other. “But I have my suspicions that this is the same video clip from a year ago.”

The scene, depicting sheikhs and other political elites shaking each others hands and sitting on couches conversing with each other, is a regularly watched program. Every night, when nothing good is broadcast on other regional channels like MBC or Al Watan, viewers tune to Bahrain TV to watch political elites discuss what are sure to be very important issues.

“Okay, someone is getting up now. I wonder what they’re saying,” added Abdulla Hasan. “Oh, well. I’m sure it’s about something important.”

For viewers who may have missed the clip on Bahrain TV, they can watch the next rerun which is played every single day.


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