Bunch of Bahraini Men get together to talk about Women’s Empowerment

A group of prominent Bahraini male officials held a conference and meeting earlier this week to hail the country’s achievements in the field women’s empowerment.

They praised the role of Prime Minister Prince Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, who has 4 women out of a total of 30 officials in his cabinet, and who recently received the International Federation of Business and Professional Women President’s Gold Award for his efforts in empowering the women of Bahrain.

“Behind every group of successful and cheerful women, there is a great and wise leader,” said a spokesperson of the delegation from International Federation of Business and Professional Women, which gave the award to the Prime Minister.

“This will serve as a reminder that every group of successful women are nothing without Sheikh Khalifa, and most importantly that only men have the power to give power to women.”

The BPW International President’s Gold Award recognizes a male leader who has been instrumental in the empowerment of women, within his sphere of influence, which the Prime Minister has clearly done by ensuring that women possess 15% of top decision-making positions, including 4 women in the elected lower house of Parliament, 11 in the upper-house and 0 female judges on criminal courts.

Bahrain’s first elected female MPs – 2011

Other rights women in Bahrain enjoy are: not being protected from domestic abuse by an equal and fair personal status and family law; not being able to pass their Bahraini nationality to their children if they marry a foreign man; not being able to make legal decisions for their children even when receiving custody in divorce cases and most importantly having their rapists escape conviction.

Other candidates for the Gold Award included United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who just isn’t as progressive as Prime Minister Prince Sheikh Khalifa, nor is Ghada Jamsheer, Bahrain’s most prominent women’s rights advocate.


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