“We’re coming for you, poor people” says Bahraini police officer


Police are planning to carry out a crackdown on street begging in Muharraq soon, in their ongoing efforts to criminalize any sort of public individual or group activity other than pro-government rallies.

A group of police has already been trained with state-of-the-art techniques to help them carry out the crackdown on the street beggars, who are usually elderly persons.

“Begging is spreading and taking diverse forms which prompted police to launch the crackdown,” said Muharraq police chief Colonel Fawaz Al Hassan. “That and we just don’t like street beggars. They’re really annoying.”

The crackdown is being coordinated with Dar Al Karama Homeless and Beggars Shelter, a governmental social institution that provides different services for the underprivileged and the homeless.

The police chief also urged citizens to cooperate with police in criminalizing the brazen act of being poor, which is being called a “social scourge”. He also called on people to report any cases of street begging, which is a crime, apparently.

Circulars will be distributed to all police patrols in Muharraq directing them to arrest street beggars and take legal action against them, because street begging is a punishable offense.

a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering.
“street beggars in Bahrain are such a scourge”
a series of severe measures to restrict undesirable or illegal people or behaviour.
“Aww, yeah. We’re gonna crackdown on those street beggars!”

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