“Journalists are really dangerous to society”, says Egyptian government

CAIRO: After two Al Jazeera journalists were sentenced to 7-years and one to 10 years imprisonment on completely reasonable and sound charges of aiding Muslim Brotherhood terrorist activities and spreading false news, an Egyptian government spokesperson told the state-owned news agency, MENA that “journalist are really dangerous to society.”

“They present what may be the greatest threats to Egyptian society, perhaps second only to blasphemy and homosexuality.”

The Egyptian government has taken it upon itself to fight for truth, justice and the Egyptian way. These sentences come off the heels of the dozens of sentences thrown at journalists in Egypt in the aim of ensuring journalists are truthful in their report.

Some critics accuse Egyptian authorities of handing down trumped up charges based on false or insubstantial evidence on journalists for politically motivated reasons, to which the spokesperson said, “F*ck that.”

“Why do we even need these journalists when society has MENA, which offers unbiased and free media reporting for Egyptians,” added the spokesperson. “And why does Al Jazeera even need to use heads of state and human rights organizations as sources for their reports when they can just ask anyone who works at MENA for statements?”

At the trial, the prosecution produced numerous iron-clad pieces of evidence that totally justified the fair and reasonable sentence the journalists received such as a BBC podcast, a news report made while none of the accused were in Egypt and most importantly, a pop video by the Australian singer Gotye.

“Imagine if journalists could actually, you know, report news from sources that are not pre-approved by MENA or the Egyptian government, it would be absolute chaos in the country! Society wouldn’t know who to believe if there was more than one authorized source of news.”


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