Color Blind Bahraini now sees in full spectrum of colors


A formerly color blind Bahraini, Mahmood Hamdan, who used to only see the world in black and white, can now see everything in the full spectrum of colors and greys. Doctors say that Hamdan has made a miraculous recovery from his previous optically restricted state.

“I feel absolutely fantastic,” said Hamdan while reading a newspaper. “It’s almost as if my mind has been opened to new ways of viewing and thinking. Almost as if there is more than one way to think about an idea.”

Mahmood Hamdan was not always color blind, but developed this condition after years of living with other color blind people, reading black and white newspapers, watching black and white television and studying from black and white textbooks.

“There are hundreds, maybe thousands of cases of color blindness in Bahrain,” said the accompanying physicians. “Evidence to what causes this is inconclusive.”

Hamdan gazed at the outside through his hospital window. “Did you know that there were so many reds, greens, browns and blues in Bahrain?”

“A whole new world, a dazzling place for me to see!” Hamadan started singing.


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