Clarifications on this blog

This is a public service announcement. Since I started this blog, I never thought that I would ever feel the urge or need to publish a statement clarifying what this blog is, and what it isn’t.

This blog is not an anti-government blog, nor is it anti-opposition, or pro-government or pro-opposition. Nor am I any of those things. If you feel it is necessary to think of this blog with a pro/anti label, then I would recommend using the terms “anti-establishment” and “pro-democracy” because they may be the closest labels to accurately describe the blog’s content. Because in my view, I am not satirizing specific political figures or entities, but the systems that are put in place in order to maintain unequal status quos.

When I write the satire that you find on this blog, the views and statements expressed in them are not always my own personal opinions. They are, sometimes, merely statements that serve to satirize the topic, be it political, social or cultural.

That said, sometimes the content of the posts published do align with my own personal opinions; notably when it concerns media freedom, personal liberties, gender equality, and most especially, the role political elites play in public life.

Yes, it is true that I satirize the Bahraini parliament quite a bit but this does not mean that I have a distaste for parliamentary political systems, or that I have a personal distaste for the parliamentarians. What I do try to say in my posts about the parliament is that it often acts against democracy and that they often do not represent the interests of a wide section of the citizen population, and often act based on their own personal convictions or the convictions of the people they are aligned with. As a result, they come up with legislation like the expat driving ban, or the alcohol ban which potentially affects people who have no legal way to express disagreement with.

I welcome opportunities to satirize the opposition, or any other non-government aligned political group. In fact, I will be making an increased effort to do just that. But this blog is not just about politics, a huge section of it is dedicated to satirizing culture which will also see an expansion. Street harassment, women’s empowerment and anti-violence are going to see a lot of attention in the future.

My point is you should try to read the articles for what they are; satire that is meant to entertain and inform.

Thank you for reading my writing. I mean this with the utmost sincerity, thank you.
Bader Noaimi


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