Bahraini Man Breaks Record For Most Ramadan Majlis Visits In One Night

Mahmood Adel, 36, a Bahraini national, is the new World Record holder of “Most Ramadan Majlis Visits Completed In One Night” having visited a total of 53 Ramadan majlises, breaking the previous record of 49.

Mahmood started his record breaking majlis marathon on Thursday, July 10th at 7:00PM, shortly after iftar time. Since then he proceeded to visit every majlis on a list he made in preparation for the one night majlis marathon. According to the requirements of the record, participants must greet the hosts of the majlis, ask about their families, children, wives, mothers and brothers, and also must remain for at least one cup of tea. This was clearly a daunting task but this did not deter Mahmood from completing it.

“The biggest obstacle to breaking the record is the fact that there were not even more than 50 majlises being held in Bahrain on the same night,” said Mahmood Adel, speaking to local reporters about his amazing achievement. “This meant that to break the record, I had to start my journey in Bahrain and then travel to Saudi Arabia for the remaining majlises.”


Mahmood’s journey took him through all parts of Bahrain, the Eastern Province and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, traveling a total distance of 350 kilometers.

“My friends would always say ‘Hamood! You can’t do it, it’s impossible!’ But I wanted to prove them wrong; that everyone can achieve their goals if they have a plan and determination to do it.”

“It was a very exciting journey. I’m not sure if I will ever try it again but it was very exciting,” added Mahmood Adel.

At time of print, rumors of a book and movie deal depicting Mahmood Adel’s journey are abuzz, however Mahmood had no comment on this.


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