Bird and Bahraini Work Through Relationship



The relationship between a bird and a Bahraini is a sacred, beautiful relationship, captured in numerous children’s films across the Gulf. However one bird and Bahraini are having trouble working through their relationship.

Saffron, a young Cockatiel and Wafa Al Alawi, a 22 year-old Bahraini university student are roughing a rough patch in their relationship currently after Saffron has not been let out of his birdcage for two days, according to local reports.

“I haven’t let him out of the birdcage for, like, two days which is something I never do,” said Wafa, speaking to local reporters. “Now see how he gives me no face! It’s like I don’t even exist.”


However, speaking to Saffron exposes a different story. “Wafa needs to stop forcing me to stand on her head, it’s really round and uncomfortable,” said Saffron, who also added that standing on Wafa’s hand was uncomfortable but “is at least better than standing on her head.”

During the interview, Wafa tried to soothe Saffron’s woes by rubbing his cheeks but he quickly flew away and retorted, “I’m not like the other birds, I don’t like it when you rub my cheeks. Pls stahp.”

This seemed not to bother Wafa Al Alawi at all, who continued to take photos of Saffron and meme-ifying them with adorable captions.



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