Bahraini Awkwardly Waits For Friends To Show Up At Coffee Shop

Mubarak Bader, a Bahraini national, has been awkwardly waiting alone for their friends to show up for a meeting in a coffee shop, according to local reports.

Allegedly Mubarak Bader has been waiting for upwards of half an hour, which they say is “slightly more than the usual time” they end up waiting awkwardly at a coffee shop that they have never been to before.

“It’s not the waiting part that is awkward, it’s the fact that I don’t want to order anything,” said Mubarak Bader, speaking to local reporters. “So I’m left there, taking up an entire couch seating area without having ordered. Why can’t my friends show up so they can order and free me of this guilt?”

Mubarak Bader is not alone in this situation as he pointed out that there was a young woman sitting a few tables away from him who seemed like she was waiting for a late friend to show up. “I could tell because she kept checking her phone every few minutes and trying to pretend it’s not awkward, even though it totally is!”

A recent study on this social phenomenon showed that in approximately 60% of coffee shop meeting arrangements there was “that one person” who foolishly showed up early, even though everyone knows that you should always add 30 minutes to the agreed meeting time to know when to actually show up.

“I don’t know what came over me – showing up this early – I guess I was just not paying attention to the time,” added Mubarak Bader. “But at least they have a movie about coast guards on the TV here.”


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