Bahraini suffers through life as every driving trainer says “no”

Driving trainers are hard to get a hold of in Bahrain; every year the search for a driving instructor becomes more difficult as the population of the country increases while the number of driving instructors not keeping pace.

Mohammed Saud, a 20 year old Bahraini university student, has been suffering through his life since turning 18 (the age when people can start official training to receive a driver’s license) and not being able to find a single driving trainer who would give him a single lesson.

“It’s been absolutely terrible these past two years,” said Mohammed Saud, speaking to local reporters. “All of my friends have [driver’s] licenses and can drive, all the while I’ve been stuck being turned down by trainer after trainer begging them to give me even one lesson.”


Getting a driving trainer to train you within a reasonable amount of time; without them trying to steal any money; and with trainers committing to agreed lesson times is extremely difficult for everyone attempting to obtain a driver’s license in Bahrain. A recent study showed that approximately 67% of people over 18 spend two years before they are able to obtain a license to drive and it also showed that wasta only works 25% of the time.

“I remember a few trainers promised to train me on certain occasions, but when I arrived at the meeting place they told me that they “can’t fit me into their schedule”,” added Mohammed Saud.

Alya Hameed had similar experiences with driving instructors reporting that she “almost convinced a trainer to give me a lesson, but then Ramadan started and they cancelled.”

When asked if they were hopeful for their future they said, “I don’t know. I hear there’s a new traffic law or something that would allow private driving schools to ope-“, the two burst out laughing before they could finish their sentence. “Maybe when I’m 40 years old!”


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