POLL: Still Only 76% Of People in Bahrain Visit City Centre Everyday

A new poll conducted by the Bahrain City Centre administration shows that still only 76% of the population of Bahrain visit the popular shopping mall in Manama every day.

A previous poll conducted earlier this year showed the same exact result which has shocked the City Centre management because they expected a major rise in attendance up to 100%. Bahrain City Centre Head of Research and Market Studies, Amala Batra, said “These new results are extremely disappointing for me and my team.”


“Ever since the previous poll we have been working very hard to make sure that the entire population of Bahrain – 1.4 million – visited the mall every day, we even put big-screen televisions in the centre of the mall during the World Cup, but even this did not change the level of attendance.”

The new poll showed that out of this 76%, only 65% of people purchase items from the mall up from 48% earlier this year. And only 40% spend more than 1,000 B.D. in a month up from 29%.

“These results are clear,” said Amala Batra. “We are clearly doing something wrong! Even after introducing a shuttle service that would transport customers from their homes/workplaces to the mall, and introducing big-screen TV’s and traditional gahwas, we have only seen marginal gains.”

Mr. Ahmed Zayed, Deputy Head of Research and Market Studies at the Bahrain City Centre was also shocked by these results as he was the one who came up with the brilliant idea of providing beds to keep customers in the mall overnight so that they would never leave. “Nothing seems to be working,” Zayed lamented over the situation. “Maybe we should just call it quits and stop trying. Some might say that it was foolish to try to fit 1.4 million people in a single day in the first place, but I was really hoping it was going to be win for us.”

“Hey, wait a minute. I hear the UAE is building a fully air-conditioned city with the largest mall in the world! Maybe we can fit 1.4 million people in there!”


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