Hardee’s introduces new burger that is 70% similar to existing burger

A new burger was released by Hardee’s, the popular fast food restaurant that specializes in grilled burgers: The Angus Triple Bacon Thickburger Super Sante Fe. The new burger, according to local reports, is almost 70% similar to existing burgers on the Hardee’s menu, using the same bun style, same cheese, same burger patty as many Hardee’s burgers but with the added twist of spicy bacon and onion rings.

“I can’t put my finger on it but I get the feeling that this is very similar to a previous burger I’ve seen on the menu,” said Professor of Burgerology, Louie Burgeur. “But I think the burger is still worth trying anyway.”

Hardee’s burgers are known for the vibrant tastes of their cheese and the juiciness of their meat which makes them a favorite choice among people who hate the blandness of McDonald’s food.

A regular Hardee’s customer, Haya Jassim, who described herself as a “Hardee’s fanatic” said, “I’m actually really excited for this new burger. I was placing an order on the phone and the call centre person started telling me about it. I just couldn’t resist so I bought two Angus Triple Bacon Thickburger Super Sante Fe burgers,” before she started to devour the burgers on the spot.


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