Bahraini family believes “not consuming enough electricity and water”

A small Bahraini family reportedly said, “You know, we’re probably not consuming enough electricity and water in our house” to their relatives at an Eid al-Fitr family gathering, drawing the surprise of many guests at the celebration which is meant to mark the conclusion of the Holy month of Ramadan.

“Yeah, I just don’t think that leaving the television, air conditioning, and all the lights on in all the rooms of the house is enough,” said Farah Waleed, 35, and a mother of two. “I think I should starting leaving the outdoor lights on at all times, as well.”

Electricity and water service costs are heavily subsidized for all households in Bahrain which Farah said “means it’s okay because unlike in other countries where power costs are high, we can continue using virtually every electrical and electronic device at home 24/7.”

However, one relative disagreed with Farah’s depiction of the situation. Saad Meshaal said that he “once saw a social awareness campaign that said people should be responsible in their usage of electricity and water because they are scarce resources and using them irresponsibly can lead to many negative economic and environmental effec–” before he burst out laughing, unable to “say it with a straight face.”

The entire group joined Saad in laughter before they switched on three televisions and turned up the air conditioning in the room even though no one was using them.




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